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In its heyday between 1881 and 1889, the theater offered gambling, liquor, vaudeville entertainment and ladies of the night.Below are some of our recommendations for Things To Do in Tombstone.

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First, I went there during the day, and then I went on a night ghost tour.

The Bird Cage Theater: A True Time Capsule of the Old West

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The original painting is of a woman named Farida Mazar Spyropoulos, who went by the stage name of Fatima.The interior is quite authentic, and houses an interesting museum that can be viewed for a small fee, as is the case for one of several former boarding houses in Tombstone, the Rose Tree Inn on the corner of 4th and Toughnut streets.The Bird Cage Theatre was a combination theater, saloon, gambling parlor and brothel that operated from 1881 to 1889 in Tombstone, Arizona, during the height of the silver boom.

When the silver mines closed, the theatre was also closed in 1892.

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The Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone AZ, has become a tourist attraction, and is open to the general public year-round.

The staff there is extremely knowledgeable and rumor has it that the building is.The Bird Cage apparently drew its name from the 14 curtained boxes suspended from the ceiling that were used by prostitutes to ply their trade.

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Over the eight years, 26 people were killed or murdered in the wild west hangout.Birdcage Theatre,Tombstone, Arizona. 1881. Of any building in the West, which exemplifies the rough and rowdy lifestyle so typical of the Western American expansion era, The Birdcage theatre in Tombstone Arizona is on top of the list.

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Years ago, when it was first founded, Tombstone was a silver-mining town that was not known to many.Tombstone, Arizona remains a place rich in the history of the turbulent time known as the old West.It was a theater, a saloon, a gambling parlor, and a brothel.

My name is Debe Branning and I head up a paranormal investigation team in.

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A refuge for international travelers looking for the REAL America, the true Old West, here in Cochise County.

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More interesting photos from the famous Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona.

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